Year 6

Recently some of our Y6s attended an A.I.M High poetry master class alongside several other schools. This was led by the published author Andy Craven-Griffiths. Initially, they were a little shy but with a little bit of encouragement and confidence they really engaged with all the activities and they did Aston Lodge proud. They worked [...]

Last week, the children have been writing their poems based on WW2 evacuation. In maths, we have been looking at mental strategies and in reading, we have focused on character perceptions based on information the book has told us already. In wider curriculum, we participated in an African Drumming workshop. This is something they really […]

In PSHE the children in Y6 have been learning how one person’s actions may affect a group. They read a scenario about a child setting a bin on fire, which then spread to the school nearby. Each person in the group acted out different roles for a meeting about what had happened. We had a [...]
The children in Y6 have been enjoying acting out scenes from their class novel: Goodnight Mr Tom. Through echo reading and playing roles, they are really building an understanding of all the different people in the story. Amazing work   
WE REMEMBER - From all the children at Aston Lodge
The children in Y5 and Y6 LOVED their African Drumming workshop today. They learnt all about the culture of Africa and the music from the continent; they also could talk about the drum they each had.❤️🥁

This week, in English we have been developing our poetry skills and are planning to write our own poem, in the style of In Flanders Fields. In maths, we have started the order of operations, which is what they are practicing for their homework this week. This is completing calculations in a specific order. Our […]

Children in Y5/6 enjoyed being detectives for the day, supported by their parents in a CSI workshop. Lots of fun was had and our science skills were put to the test!! Thank you to RMBC we can't wait for our next workshops.
In PSHE this week, we have been learning that all of our actions have consequences. We played a game to understand this further. The reward for being silent was to gain the ‘treasure’ from the treasure keeper without them hearing a sound. However, the consequence of being heard was that they were frozen and out [...]
In science, in Y6, we have started our new unit ‘Plants and Animals’. We have started to learn about different plants and how they are grouped. We call this ‘classification’. Creating a classification flow chart is quite tricky, so before we started to group plants, we practically grouped liquorice allsorts! Liquorice allsorts are great for [...]