At Aston Lodge Primary School, our curriculum enables children to have an understanding of how both physical and human geography has shaped the way in which we live. Children need to develop the skills of exploration, collection, analysis, interpretation and communication of geographical knowledge.  This means that, from a very young age, our children are thinking their way through geographical problems by asking and framing questions, undertaking research, making judgments and then effectively communicating their answers. Teachers at Aston Lodge plan ways to make geographical learning fun and interactive, through the use of ICT, including as many first-hand experiences and also allowing children to use and apply their knowledge. In Foundation, children develop a sense of wonder of the world around them and they are offered daily opportunities to develop and expand this knowledge.

In KS1, children begin to use geographical resources through a cross-curricular approach. This helps to bring their learning to life and further their knowledge. In KS2, children begin to build on their existing knowledge and continue to build their basic geographical skills. As children enter UKS2, elements of PSHE are tied into their geography learning, which helps them to develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment. They are also encouraged to develop their sense of responsibility for the care of the earth and its people.

To ensure high quality lessons, resources and a creative, cross-curricular approach teachers use the Planit scheme of work to enhance in the delivery of the curriculum and to follow the long term skills progression and key lines of enquiry plans developed in collaboration across the WPT.