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Road Safety with FS2

Last week in EYFS, the children have been learning about People Who Help Us.
We have been discussing the important job role of a Lollipop Man/Woman and how they help us to cross roads safely.
We have learnt the Safety Cat Rap to help us remember what we need to do when we cross a road.
We have looked at different crossings that we aim to use when we want to cross a road such as a zebra crossing and a pelican crossing.
In our outdoor provision area, we have role played crossing roads safely on our bike track.
Once we felt confident with how we cross roads safely, we went out in small groups to cross the road outside of our school gates.
Miss Tims is very proud of how sensible we were crossing the road and how we used our Safety Cat Rap to remember the key elements of crossing a road; STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK. ✋🚨🚦
Well done EYFS! 🤩
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