Last half term, Aston Lodge Primary held a whole-school 'Money Matters' week. Here at Lodge, we believe all children should learn financial skills. Teaching money equips children with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money effectively now and in the future. In the early years, children practically explored money through roleplaying shop [...]

WOW, WOW, WOW!  The results are in! Aston Lodge took part in ‘Battle of the Schools’  during half term. This was a TTRockstar competition between 6 primary schools within our Trust. And… our school came TOP!!! We are so proud of all the children who took part and helped us as a school to achieve such a phenomenal result. Thank […]

On Friday 4th February, the staff and children of Aston Lodge took part in the NSPCC Numbers Day 2022. NSPCC Number Day is a maths-inspired fundraising event where schools across the UK raise money for the NSPCC. We started the day with an assembly where we learned about the important work the NSPCC does and [...]

Aston Lodge celebrated a week of fun maths to promote the importance of maths in the real world. The children enjoyed playing games, completing challenges and exploring maths in our environment. As a school, we signed up to ‘England Rocks’ an amazing national TTRockstars competition which allows children to compete in times table games to […]

Aston Lodge Primary had a fantastic time taking part in the NSPCC Number Day. The children came dressed as their favourite number, had fun playing games and activities linked to numbers, and exploring problem-solving challenges. The children also took part in the 'NSPCC Rocks' challenge competing to answer as many multiplication questions as possible. As [...]

As you know, Aston Lodge took part in the Let’s Count! Day competition last month. There were 5 simple steps for primary schools to take part: 1. Choose your Let’s Count! day. 2. Decide what the children will count. The theme for the competition was ‘This Matters to Us.’. Each class chose what they would […]